Mathematical modeling in animal nutrition – Scientific paper by Marc Jacobs, FR Analytics CTO

At FR Analytics, we are closely looking at data and modeling science. The implications of new research can be impactful for the livestock industry. We want to contribute to the development in this field.

In a research paper published in the Journal of Animal Science (June 2022), FR Analytics chief CTO Marc Jacobs discusses the limitations and potential next steps for modeling and modelers in animal science. In collaboration with other scientists, Oxford University, and the American Society of Animal Science, Marc argues that people and not technology are the key to a more successful adoption of models. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning all have far-reaching application power potential, but business application is always the most important.

Below you can find the Abstract and the Lay Summary. If you want to read the full paper, please send an e-mail to and the paper will be redirected to you.

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