Health & Welfare

The health-and well-being of your animals and farm means everything to you. Besides wanting and taking care of your livestock in the best possible ways, sickness will also decrease the productivity of your farm and bring with it additional costs.

Recent events have shown how important it is to keep track of disease outbreaks, since these can spread fast and there is a clear relationship between the origin of animal and human disease.

At FR Analytics, we invest in models that can help you increase the health & welfare of your animals by tracking their status and predicting the future. The key to successful prediction is knowing when the animal (or herd) will become sick before the sickness can be of any impact. The same goes with welfare and for both there is a clear interaction between the genetics of the animal, the feed and supplements provided, and farm management.

Examples of services

  • Campylobacter program
  • Salmonella program
  • Mortality forecast
  • Health prevention
  • Movement analysis
  • Skeleton development
  • Automated broiler phenotyping