The revenue of a farm is largely based on its productivity and assessed via technical and financial Key Performance Indicator’s (KPIs). These KPIs vary from farmer to farmer and from time to time. By gathering and tracking data and allowing models to both describe and predict current and future scenario’s, a farmer can optimize for these KPIs.

At FR Analytics, we aim to create a digital version of your farm. This will allow us to show you where gains can be made via data-driven decision making. If you know which parts of your KPIs will benefit the most from dedicated changes, those change should automatically lead to desired results. If they do not, we will integrate them to optimize more efficiently.

Benchmarking is a big part of our production solutions portfolio, but it should not be done in hindsight. In fact, it is most powerful if conducted on a real-time basis and paired with forecasts and scenarios analysis. By deploying models that can adaptively track and influence your farm processes, we are able to truly optimize your farm management for you. This is where models take away (some of) your labour.

Examples of services

  • Concept simulation – digital twin of your farm
  • KPI tracking (technical & financial)
  • Benchmarking
  • Quality prediction
  • Litter prediction
  • Layer eggs forecasting
  • Growth prediction
  • Farm management optimization
  • Adaptive slaughterhouse planning