Analytical solutions & services

for animal health & welfare, production, and the environment

Make models work for you

to help you reach your technical and financial KPIs

Fact-based farm management

to enable data-driven decision making

We analyze your data to your benefit!

Your data is the key to discovering your potential, and we want to help you explore your potential. Our ambition is not to sell you the latest technological innovation, but to apply models to your benefit. The solutions we offer are tailored towards monitoring and control, prediction and prevention, assessment and optimization, and the creation of a digital version of your farm.

As generator of the data, you have complete ownership, unless you decide to share it with others. Our solutions are especially designed for integrations but just as useful for individuals.

Monitor &

  • Descriptive services showing the current situation (KPI, benchmarking etc) and deviations

Predict &

  • Predictive services forecasting the future allowing targeted intervention, and intervention assessment

Assess &

  • Assess the influence of each parameter and optimize to meet your technical and financial KPIs

Digital Farm

  • Prescriptive advice via algorithms for data driven decision making and automatic decisions

Improve feeding programmes

Enstrengthen responsible & profitable production by comparing results between feed compositions.

Get a grip on medication usage

Gain insight into the treatment responsiveness & include your veterinarian in the process.

Control multiple locations & houses real-time

Benchmark performance and increase on-farm management from any location.

Enhance quality & food safety

Your data as proof of concept & complete track and trace from farm to slaughter.

Partners & users of our systems