We support farmers and companies in designing their future via dedicated and tailored research. Tracking your animals and procedures daily is a good way to get grip on your internal processes, but it does not immediately show you which factors affect your KPIs the most. This requires the controlled environment of an experimental design.

At FR Analytics, we realize that you cannot just stop your productivity cycles to conduct experiments. Therefore, we have invested in designing methods that track & trance, analyse, and predict the influence of any type of variance. By knowing what is going on in your farm, we can both trace-back and forecast influential events and optimize your farm for both experimental designs and daily KPI control.

In the end, we can meta-analyse the effect of any change across your barn and products. Even the changes that never happened.

Examples of services

  • Trial design optimization
  • Location analysis & tracking of variance
  • Trial forecast and adjustment alerts
  • Automatic power calculations
  • Meta-analyses across barns farms and products
  • Trace-back events for causal inference
  • Network analysis to compare untested products